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7 Home Seller Tips For Great Front Yard Curb Appeal

If you’re selling your home, your front yard, regardless of its size, will play a huge role in your home selling success. It’s critical to create the best possible initial impression for home buyers. If they don’t feel visually welcomed, they’ll never make it to your front door. That’s why I’ve prepared seven tips to […]

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Is There a Best Time to Sell Your Home?

Many home sellers second-guess the best time to put their homes on the market. There are definitely some considerations a seller should make as they prepare to list their home that could have an impact on the transaction. But is there really a best time? Let’s find out. Putting market forces aside, holidays and winter […]

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Turn Your Yard Into Summer Gaming Fun!

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to think about your backyard. If yours is looking a little drab, why not spruce it up with some oversized games for family fun? I was browsing Pinterest and saw this jumbo checker board and thought, “What a great idea!” As I was looking at the […]

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Albuquerque Open Houses 3/14 – 3/16

Open House Tip: Plan on organizing your open house trips by geographic area. This will not only allow you to see more houses in a day, but save on gas as well. For example, you may cover Saturday on the East Side and Sunday on the West Side. Our weather is expected to improve throughout […]