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UNM Duck PondUNM studentsThe UNM Duck Pond is a wonderful oasis located on the UNM campus near the Zimmerman Library. The duck pond was completed in 1976 and has become a great recreational area for all. What a great place to just sit and relax! The diversity of people and activities makes for a fascinating way to pass your time.

UNM ClockUNM waterfallMy eldest daughter had not been there in a while and I was encouraging her to come with us. “But what is there to do?”, she asked. I reminded her about our last visit. I told her we fed the ducks, sat by the waterfall, walked around, and watched the people. We saw three college kids who had placed a rope between two trees and were practicing tightrope-walking. The one boy was really quite good! We listened to the guitarist play by the waterfall. We saw young couples enjoying each others’ company.  I told her you never know what you will see. I doubt there will be any rope activities this time, but I was sure we would see something equally interesting. So she came with us.

UNM PondUNM Campus BridgeThere was another guitarist playing under the Alumni Clock, lots of young couples, and imagine our surprise when we saw four guys with a rope! These guys had it strung up on a tree and were practicing climbing and swinging. We fed the ducks, walked around the area, and looked at some of the sculptures on campus. Several dogs splashed into the pond trying to chase the ducks! We saw several photographers taking photos of the area. This is a great location to hang out with friends, study, or just relax. It’s also a great place to surf the Web, according to the Daily Lobo.

Current Housing Information:

The UNM area and UNM South offer diverse mixes of housing.  This includes single family homes as well as townhouses and condos. The UNM Area and UNM South cover way more than the campas area–it is bounded by I-25 and San Mateo, and by Central/Indian School and Gibson/ABQ Sunport.

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