Bernalillo County Tax Rates

For 2008

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Frequently, I am asked about the tax rates on homes in Albuquerque. Here is a list of the tax rates that make up the total property taxes for Bernalillo County:

Bernalillo County Tax Rates
A buyer should keep in mind that the tax figure can often be based on an old home value and can jump significantly when a house is sold and reassessed. If a house has been sold in the last couple of years, however, the rate should be fairly close.

You can search for any property by address in Bernalillo County online to view tax information.

What can be a bit of a surprise is that a large part of what we refer to as Albuquerque is not actually in the city limits. For example, Sandia Heights, North Albuquerque Acres, and large portions of the North and South Valley, are not a part of the city limits. For houses not in the city limits, the city tax (ALBUQ) would not apply. You can see this in more detail on the city council map.

CNM = Central NM Community College
UNMH = University of New Mexico Hospital
AMAFCA = Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority

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