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Turn Your Yard Into Summer Gaming Fun!

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to think about your backyard. If yours is looking a little drab, why not spruce it up with some oversized games for family fun? I was browsing Pinterest and saw this jumbo checker board and thought, “What a great idea!” As I was looking at the […]

Albuquerque Far Northeast Heights

Albuquerque Open Houses 3/14 – 3/16

Open House Tip: Plan on organizing your open house trips by geographic area. This will not only allow you to see more houses in a day, but save on gas as well. For example, you may cover Saturday on the East Side and Sunday on the West Side. Our weather is expected to improve throughout […]

1305 El Segundo Av Albuquerque NM 87113

Albuquerque Open Houses 3/7 – 3/9

Open House Tip: Take lots of notes! After looking at numerous homes, you’ll have a hard time remembering if the 2-story house had the great fireplace or the gourmet kicthen. Remember, Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend. Don’t forget to Spring your clocks forward so you don’t miss the open houses! There are 130 open […]

Frigidaire Kitchen of the Future

Smart Homes of the Future

What is a smart home? When you think of smart homes, you might think of the Jetsons. Everything is automatic, from taking a shower to Rosie the housekeeper. A house like the Jetsons isn’t just a futuristic idea. Most components of a home can be automated, including lighting, heating, air conditioning, locks, doors, and appliances. […]

1416 Dorothy St Albuquerque NM 87112

ABQ Open Houses

Even though the weather is a little bit chillier this weekend, there are still 97 homes in the Albuquerque area that are being held open. So bundle up and go look at some homes! You can view all the open houses in Albuquerque that are listed in the SWMLS. Highlights: Price range: $65,000 – $850,00 […]